Branding & Architectural Design 

Exhibition design competition entry for the Triennial of Contemporary Architecture in Portugal, Brazil, Scandinavia, Switzerland and Africa to be held at the Museu da Electricidade in Lisbon Portugal.

objective – The challenge was to create a spatial experience that could express the concept ‘Connected World’ and to engage both awareness and interaction by creating an iconic device. 

solution – Science and technology continuously defines smaller and more numerous volumes, structures, and pathways which often defy rational expectations of the universe. Through understanding and exploring these unifying infrastructures, our perceptions of time and space continue to collapse in upon themselves, re-contextualizing the human experience and relationship between ‘remoteness’ and ‘closeness.’ An evolution towards omnipresence rearranges our concept of boarders and socio-cultural divisions, and allows ideas free access through a perfusion of previously unimagined conduits. In Connected World, these strings bind and bend our perceptions into unimagined new realities and dimensions. The derivative compact spaces created when condensing space and time through unifying closed loop geometry creates place for cultures to mix and ideas to transcend beyond the realm of boarders. Within this landscape, we can locate architecture in 2010.

Here, two contiguous digital membranes display work and define the program as a continuous mobius strip. The inner membrane is a high-resolution digital projection of the idealized visions for each project. This inner membrane encourages physical permeability and re-imagined space time associations by allowing the participant to interact through the ‘wall’ that separates the geographic locations. The outer membrane is a space for low-resolution video portraits of the buildings, as they exist in ‘real’ context.