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As Stefan Larsson, the former executive of H&M & Old Navy, and now CEO of Ralph Lauren says, “fancy stores and sexy ad campaigns can only get you so far. At the end of the day, you have to make good shit.” At LOVARO, everything starts and ends with product. In a world of gross over commodification, this winning mantra is the key to our success.

LOVARO communicates through the lens of elegant mobility, defined as simple luxury, glamorous travel & leisure, and superior performance & functionality. Our contemporary classic design language infuses a purposeful human-tech backbone with a timeless design language that elevates and enables the journey experience.

We build market share with a product differentiation strategy that harnesses the power of exceptional design, customer-centric functionality, a high-quality product build, and an aspirational marketing campaign to match. Our approach leverages plug-and-play scalability across a range of new product introductions that broaden our market. As we grow, we flank the Rome with new products that meet the unique needs of diverse consumer segments.


Grocery shopping, dropping kids at preschool or knocking about town has never been easier
— Allen Zadeh — Co-Founder


LOVARO has completed four rounds of seed funding that facilitated the initial engineering and development of our discovery & design prototypes. During this rapid prototyping process, we resolved the basic geometry, sub-systems, drivetrain and industrial design language of the first-generation Rome eMotorTrike. Once we found our magic formula, we created fully detailed 3D data and filed provisional patents on core technology.

Prototype Finalization is our last developmental activity before product launch. This phase entails working closely with engineering partners and vendors to finalize all digital & mechanical systems and ready them for manufacturing. We will identify, vet and contract with manufacturing, OEM, assembly and packaging partners. We build three Alpha Prototypes to for:

  • Usability Testing
  • Regulatory Agency Type-Testing
  • Marketing & Sales Material Development
  • Website Redesign 
  • Trade Show Exhibition (InterBike, LA Auto Show & CES)
  • Dealer & Online Pre-Orders



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