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Pedelec eBikes, eTrikes & eMopeds are inclusive Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) technologies that extend the range and practical usefulness of a standard bike by significantly reducing rider effort. Yet, 73% of urban cyclists are dissatisfied with products that fail to meet their everyday needs. Today's products lack the safety, cargo, storage and passenger space consumers need for realistic and flexible daily use.

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The LOVARO eMotorTrike is a self-balancing light electric tricycle platform designed to anticipate and respond to rider's everyday local transportation needs. Designed for two people with personal items, it empowers a daily stop-and-go transportation lifestyle for urban consumers. 

Networked Smart Sensors – The eMotorTrike's network of sensors continuously measures and adjusts smart systems to improve and simplify the journey experience. The result is a contextually aware product that reacts in real time to changing safety, utility, performance and comfort demands.

Low Speed Self-Balancing Dynamic Lean – Our self-balancing “leaning tricycle format” creates piece-of-mind by providing trike-like stability when loading items or riding slowly. It enables bike-like high-speed performance by letting riders lean into turns when riding fast. 

Safety, Comfort & Cargo Systems – Integrated safety features and an ecosystem of add-on accessories improve the platform’s practical utility. All-wheel hydraulic disc brakes ensure consistent braking performance under any load weight. Motorcycle-like lighting provides bright 360° visibility around the vehicle. Locking trunk space secures personal items, providing just the right amount of vehicle to support everyday use. Accessories seamlessly and securely unite with the platform, allowing individuals to customize their experience with fixtures that best support their personal needs.

Mobile Device Vehicle Control – LOVARO’s mobile app fine-tunes settings, adjusts preferences that optimize performance, and controls deeper functionality. It layers GPS mapping over topographic data, battery levels, and riding behavior, to plan efficient travel routes. It pushes map directions from your mobile device to dashboard display for easy navigation. Smart sensors monitoring systems and habits, report to riders on the health of their vehicle and themselves. The app visualizes technical issues to make sense of diagnostic data, help diagnose and troubleshoot problems, find service locations and schedule appointments when maintenance is needed.

IoT Makes It Easier 

Currently, manufacturers rely on wholesalers and brick-and-mortar dealers for sales and service. This traditional distribution model adds hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to the end price while bringing little if any measurable added value to the customer. The perceived value of the dealer system includes a trusted face to talk with, reassurance that someone will be there if something were to go wrong and the ability to physically try out an eMotorTrike before buying. 

Although we value the power of dealer networks, we question the assumption that their benefits must be exclusive to brick-and-mortar retailers. LOVARO upends this model by shifting activities to our mobile app and cloud-based tools that empower customers and private individuals to act as extensions of our sales and service teams. The strategy creates a robust sharing economy that has all the benefits of in-store buying and service along with low online prices.

Brand Champions – Our website and app connect potential buyers with Brand Champions, eliminating the inconvenience and uncertainty of buying an eMotorTrike online. Brand Champions are committed early adopters who already own a vehicle and agree to introduce the product to new customers, facilitate test rides, and answer questions. They earn commissions when they help close the online sale.

Service Champions – Supporting customer's when maintenance is needed; the app connects with local Service Champions who are qualified to make repairs. Diagnostics shared with LOVARO lets us filter and identify individual Service Champions who have the necessary training to complete the job. Riders then pick their Champions from our recommend list based on customer reviews and physical distance. After initiating service, customers are updated on repair status, alerted when work is complete, and pay Champions all within the app.


The future is Self-balancing

A standard bicycle, eBike or eMoped will stay upright only when it is in motion and steered to keep its center of mass over its wheels. This steering is usually supplied by a rider, or in certain circumstances, by the bike itself. Several factors including geometry, mass distribution, and gyroscopic effect all contribute in varying degrees to this self-stability when riding at speed. However,  when traveling slowly or at a stop self-stability is lost. Under these conditions, balance and maneuverability become a challenging for riders and two wheelers naturally fall to the ground if left unattended. 

In comparison, tricycles are highly stable. People like them because they are easy to ride at slow speeds and balanced when loading cargo, kids or other items onto them. The rigid axle structure that makes them stable also however causes dangerous instability at higher speeds. Without the ability to lean into turns, they easily tip over when cornering too tightly. Further, they require a wide footprint on the roadway and in cycle lanes, becoming cumbersome and difficult to maneuver through traffic.

Our e-MotorTrike platform maximizes the advantages of both formats while shedding their particular disadvantages. It naturally provides the stability of a rigid tricycle at slow speeds and when at a stop while maintaining the maneuverability of a bicycle at high speeds. With it, riders have a stable platform and the confidence to safely load and carry passengers and precious cargo at any speed


Inspired By History
RESPONDING to Modernity

In 1905 William Harley and the Davidson brothers were on to something big. Their loop-frame and horsepower / 2,500-watt engine launched their idea for a lightweight motorized bicycle into a century-long love affair with the motorcycle. LOVARO looks back to that time when speeds were low, distances were slight, and localism was the norm. Now like then, the world is changing, and a new transportation paradigm is coming of age. This time, global populations are shifting into the cityscape, fueling rapid growth in lightweight and human-scale transportation products. Responding to the everyday needs of consumers in this context is LOVARO's present opportunity.

   H-D Model No. 1

H-D Model No. 1


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