Transportation Design

Looking back on the history of the Renault 4, there’s plenty of inspiration to be had. 50 years later with over 8 million units sold, Renault wanted to recapture the spirit of the versatile vehicle. With a focus on brand and experience, Lovaro delivered the Eleve, a design that is rich in its simplicity and beauty. On the visuals of the Eleve, Brett Dusing writes:

“In auto design, people automatically reach for super glossy finishes. We don’t really believe that should be a given,” says Zadeh. Lovaro proposed new composite plastics for the exterior panels. “What’s interesting is that these materials look beautiful in their raw form. They don’t necessarily need to be painted.”

“Given this was a European audience, we didn’t want too much sheen on the renderings,” Allen explains. “We used reflectivity instead as more of an accent on the smaller features.”

Unlike typical car ad depictions, sensually lit body surfacing is not the center of attention in the Eleve renderings. Rather, ancillary features jump out. A faint blue emissive material inside the LED headlamps gives the car a clever blue-eyed gleam. Likewise, selected spotlights on a few crafted details bring out the car’s playful character. The viewer becomes drawn toward the interior features and starts to relate to the Eleve from within a more intimate space.