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ROC is the embodiment of thoughtful humanism. It is bourn of an honest wish to address real needs of a variety of skin types. Late in the 1950s a Parisian pharmacist, whose clientele of actors, celebrities and socialites suffered from the assiduous skin irritations caused by harsh stage makeup, developed the first-ever line of hypoallergenic cosmetics. With pure formulations devoid of the irritating fragrances, pigments and oils persistent in products of the era, ROC pioneered the natural, sensitive and effective skincare category.

Today, ROC continues this essence of innovation with a passionate determination to deliver real, noticeable and stunning results in the French tradition. ROC’s dermatologists and skin care professionals research and develop sensible yet powerful solutions for a variety of skin conditions and consumer desires. ROC products are created, measured and tested with great rigor in scientific laboratories. The efficacy of each offering is at the core of its identity and guides an innovative skin care philosophy. 

ROC is the ideal blend between scientific formulation and humanistic beauty. It is accessible dermatology that delivers results without the need for invasive procedures. With products grounded in science and built on human values, ROC delivers the promise of beautiful skin where no appointment is necessary to achieve invigorating results.