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Currently, e-bike manufacturers rely on wholesalers and brick-and-mortar dealers for sales and service. This adds hundreds of dollars to the end price while bringing little if any measurable added value to the customer.

The dealer system’s perceived value includes a trusted face to talk with, reassurance that someone will be there if something goes wrong and the ability to physically try out a vehicle before buying. Although we value the power of dealer networks, we question the assumption that their benefits must be exclusive to brick-and-mortar retailers.

By building strategic local partnerships while shifting sales into the cloud, we create a robust sharing economy that has all the benefits of in-store buying and service along with low online prices.


Harnessing the power of ROME’s IoT hardware, cellular connectivity and cloud data platform we are able to sell and communicate direct to customers through our virtual marketplace. Our e-comm platform offers:

  • Rome Sales

  • Accessory Sales

  • firmware updates

  • service reminders & diagnostics

  • Insurance PORTAL

  • Dealer Tools

  • Roadside Assistance


Hybrid Sales System

LOVARO engages brick-and-mortar partners in key markets to showcase demonstration vehicles, introducing ROME’s features, benefits, accessories and online ordering process. This gives customers a place to experience and test ride without the need for dealers to stock inventory.

  • We pay dealers a monthly fee for showroom space & product introductions

  • During introduction, Dealers use Our portal to capture customer info, linking them to purchase

  • Dealers earn commission when customer makes purchase

Hybrid Dealer Direct Sales.jpg

Brand Champion Sales

Another way new customers can experience ROME before buying is through our Brand Champion sales network. Champions are committed early adopters who already own a vehicle and who earn commissions by helping close online sales. The system works by identifying local Champions near customers for product introductions, to answer questions, facilitate test rides and guide them through online ordering. When the sale is complete, Champions are rewarded with discounts, cash-back and other inner-circle perks.


Ready-to-ride delivery

When a new customer buys ROME online they have two options for delivery. Some customers want their vehicle to be delivered 100% assembled, ready to hit the road without delay. Inside their shipping carton, customers will find a fully pre-assembled ROME, touch-up paint and an owner’s manual. Before they ride, they must complete a one-page safety checklist to verify that ROME is ready-to-ride.

Brand Champion Delivery.jpg

Brand Champion Delivery

Other customers need a little extra support getting ROME road worthy. These customers can select Brand Champion Delivery at checkout, which guides them down the path of finding a local Champion or service partner who will meet them at the delivery location to help with unboxing, orientation and the final safety checklist. Standard rates apply for this premium service at time of purchase and are paid to the Brand Champion.


Service comes to you

Our Service PartnerVeloFix” provides customers with flexible product support & service in a convenient van-based mobile service shop. This gives customers peace of mind that someone will be there if anything goes wrong. When service is needed, VeloFix meets customers anywhere. ROME’s service partners are fully trained and certified by LOVARO to fix difficult issues both large and small.



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