objective – Re-brand the European discount airline Ryan Air. Research indicated that customer rejection of the current strategy was reaching critical levels. A small operating budget, where Customer Service programs had been terminated caused opinions of the airline to turn volatile. 

solution – To shift this trend, we proposed a comprehensive brand overhaul, renaming the airline Flyryte, focusing on the potential for customer interactions, social networking, and shared experiences. We repositioned the company as the impulsive, yet no frills airline that it truly is.

The concept behind the visual identity blends this research with Shakespeare’s spectacular ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ Understanding the ‘summer dream’ as an opportunity for spectacle and entertainment, the brand captures the magic, escape and folly of a Flyryte trip. It is an emotive touchstone to captivate the audience and transport them into a mythical world of transit. Flyryte is for the shrewd traveler counting on rock bottom ticket prices and understanding that the journey is the destination (much more like a train ticket) where there is a distinct chance for meeting someone interesting and falling in love (or like) along the way.

Elements were designed to promote the likelihood of customer interaction and chance encounter. These products are sold on the aircraft, at the airport or in travel stores. With them, the airline can infiltrate a competitor’s flights by placing their branded merchandise in the hands of customers flying on competing airlines. Thus fulfilling Puck’s mischievous task, and string the pot of competitive airline branding.